Whole Wild Salmon

Produced at all our Alaskan and BC locations, the five species of wild salmon are at the core of the Canfisco Group product line. All are available in whole, headless form.

Wild Salmon Fillets

For more convenience, Sockeye and Chum salmon are available in fillet form. These products are skin-on and available as either IQF (individually quick frozen) or IVP (Individually vacuum-packaged).

Wild Salmon Portions

Sockeye and Chum salmon are also available in an even more consumer ready portioned form. Skin on or off are both available as well as IQF or IVP, random or fixed weight, depending on your requirements.

Cold smoked salmon (predominately Sockeye and Chum) is carefully brined and lightly smoked using a proprietary mix of hardwood chips. Then thinly sliced onto a gold board and vacuum packed in a variety of sizes.

Canned Salmon

A traditional product form, produced with both Sockeye and Pink salmon. Each are available in various size cans and forms in the following combinations:

  • Regular 106g, 213g
  • Skinless and boneless 106g, 170g
  • No salt added 213g