Our company was established as Canadian Fishing Company in 1906 on the Vancouver waterfront. We joined the Jim Pattison Group in 1984 and since then have grown to become The Canfisco Group.

Our Group includes Canfisco, Alaska General Seafoods, Delta Pacific Seafoods, E&E Foods, Leader Creek Fisheries and North Pacific Seafoods.

The Canfisco Group operates the largest fishing fleet in British Columbia with a focus on harvesting and processing salmon, herring, rockfish, halibut and hake. Our operations in Alaska represent a major share of the salmon, herring, halibut, black cod, and whitefish fisheries that we participate in. We are committed to being a leading, environmentally responsible harvester of sustainable seafood.

Our products are exported to customers around the world. We add value to our seafood raw material at E&E Foods in Greater Seattle and Delta Pacific Seafoods in Greater Vancouver.